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Create an avatar from a single photo. Bring your users into the game. Create better experiences. Stand out from the crowd.

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POWERED BY WOLF3D TECHNOLOGY Cross-app metaverse 3D avatar platform

We spent 7 years building a perfect avatar system, so you don't have to.

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Personal avatar SDK

We offer an avatar SDK/API to help developers create personal 3D avatars of their users from a photo. It works across multiple platforms and runs on desktop, web and mobile.

Submit a photo and get a perfect virtual avatar in 5 seconds.


Wolf3D avatars can express any emotions thanks to Apple ARKit face blend shapes. We can also integrate a custom rig in your pipeline.

avatar stickers

You can also use 2D renders of the avatars in your game, app or on your website. They also look great as a profile photo or as a custom sticker pack.

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Library of

Create your own avatar customization assets or tap into our library. We have created hundreds of assets to give your customers a perfect personal avatar for any occasion.

avatar creator

Choose from full-body, half-body or just a head. We have 3D avatars for every need.

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How does it

Wolf3D’s 3D avatar technology is built using a proprietary database of 20,000 realistic face scans, all captured with our own professional 3D scanners.

We’ve developed patent-pending AI technology to predict realistic face shapes from a single 2D photo.

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Wolf3D users icon Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers say:

It’s been fantastic to work with Wolf3D. They are super responsive, highly skilled, and have the best product in the market.

Philip Rosedale,
CEO of High Fidelity, Founder of Second Life

The Wolf3D team has been a solid partner throughout our entire process and always strived to work hand-and-hand with my team to tackle any issue as it arose to ensure a smooth pipeline.

David Sapienza,
Studio Head at HTC’s Vive Studios

We’re excited to work with Wolf3D to help make avatar creation easier and more accessible for everyone in the VRChat universe!

Graham Gaylor,
Co-Founder & CEO of VRChat

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